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Automatic rotary die cutter(hard to hard cutting type)

The hard to hard rotary die cutter is a process used for the cutting, creasing of offset printing or preprinting laminated corrugated sheets materials, from 3ply or 5ply corrugated board, through heavy board. The process is used in a wide variety of sectors from carton boxes, cardboard boxes and plastic packaging etc.

Main feature:
●High accurate and efficient lead edge feeding system, it is controlled by servo motors and driver system, and both and imported from YASKAWA JAPAN, It is using vacuum adsorb (suction) and supply air system, wind pressure adjustable.
●The two die cutting rollers are made of Germany special seamless tube, and the inner quenched and tempered surface is ground and balanced to improve the operation stability.
●Be equipped with flexible feeding and skip feeding function.
●The die cutting position and baffles are adjusted by PLC control and touch screen display, fast and accuracy.
●The whole electrical apparatus elements are adopted some well-know brand, like, Schneider, Yaskawa, Siemens, Delta, and CHNT.


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